The gold standard in healthcare appropriateness measurement.

Novel, data-driven metrics rooted in clinical wisdom.


Over $760 billion is wasted in US healthcare each year*

Overtreatment and low-value care are two leading contributors to the problem. 

Measuring clinical waste has emerged as a leading priority for hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and medical societies. Physician input to guide sound measurement is critical to achieving meaningful and actionable results. 

*Shrank, WH et al. Waste in US Healtcare System: Estimated Costs and Potential Savings. JAMA. 2019


Appropriateness measures

We’ve conducted thousands of interviews and focus groups with specialists across various fields of medicine to find discernible patterns of unnecessary medical care in their specialty.

Using clinical wisdom from experts to create sophisticated algorithms which identify practice patterns that are excessive or inappropriate.


Our clients receive detailed appropriateness measures to help better understand and navigate clinical waste. Measures can be used to educate healthcare leaders and are often applied to analytics that drive improvement. 

How it works

GAM metrics identify areas of waste and overuse to help reduce the overall healthcare cost burden for payers, providers, and patients.

Measurement Development

Using the body of evidence from the medical literature and the clinical wisdom of practicing physicians we identify candidate areas for measurement development.​

Specialty Focus Groups

Our measures are vetted by a group of expert specialists with a keen interest in the appropriateness of medical care in their specialty.

Using the Metric

Our clients apply our metric algorithms to data sets to identify areas for performance improvement. Some clients also use the metric logic and background information for local educational efforts and quality collaboratives. ​

Staying Current

Our expert clinical team provides the latest literature on low-value care and shares frequent updates on new trends and state-of-the-art best practices. ​

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